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ANYmal Quadruped Robot Climbing Stairs

Researchers at the Robotics Systems Lab at ETH Zürich, who are working on legged robots, tested perception-based motion planning for the ANYmal quadruped robot to navigate terrain and stairs. This video was recorded a few years ago, but it’s intriguing to see how what we consider normal now was 20x speed then. 

anymal Quadruped Robot stair navigation
ANYmal quadruped robot climbing stairs. Image credit: Robotics Systems Lab at ETH Zürich
anymal Quadruped Robot perception based motion planning
Perception-based motion planning for ANYmal quadruped robot.

The experiment in the video shows an ANYmal quadruped robot climbing stairs fully autonomously on a rainy day. 

anymal Quadruped Robot climbing stairs on a rainy day
ANYmal quadruped robot navigating stairs on a rainy day. Image credit: Robotics Systems Lab at ETH Zürich

Watch a short video of their research below:

More information:
Fankhauser, P., Bjelonic, M., Takahiro, T., Bellicoso, C. D., and Hutter, M. (2018). “Robust Rough-Terrain Locomotion with a Quadrupedal Robot”. In: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).

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