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Automatic Excavator for Automation in Construction Industry

SRI Robotics developed an excavator for construction automation that can operate autonomously following pre-programmed instructions on where to dig, be controlled using video game motion controls, or manually by a driver.

remote control-automatic excavator
The operator can control the excavator using simple video game motion controls. Image credit: SRI Robotics
manual operation-automatic excavator
The excavator can also be controlled manually by an operator. Image credit: SRI Robotics

The autonomous operation for the automatic digger is possible through several depth-sensing 3D cameras, antennas, and wireless communication that also allow the excavator to intelligently detect people and stop while flashing warning lights to provide safety.

The remote control of the excavator is possible through a VR headset fed by six stereo cameras, a set of joysticks, and an internet connection where a skilled operator can control the excavator away from the construction site promoting safety for workers.

automated excavator-stereo cameras
Six stereo cameras fed the VR headset. Image credit: SRI Robotics

Even if the worker is not skilled, the excavator can track the arm movements of an unskilled operator in real-time through a motion-tracking controller to do the task.

automatic excavator-hand tracking
The hand tracking capability of the automatic excavator. Image credit: SRI Robotics

This excavator can automate repetitive actions such as digging and enable skilled workers to remotely operate the more complex tasks enabling automation in the construction industry.

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