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Cassie Blue: A Bipedal Walking Robot

Dynamic Legged Locomotion Lab at the University of Michigan developed Cassie Blue, which is a bipedal robot with 20 degrees of freedom (dofs) that can navigate around and avoid obstacles.

You can learn more about the concept of degrees of freedom (dofs) for robots in the article below:

By combining the data from the LIDAR and IMU sensors in real-time, the bipedal walking robot is able to create an elevation map.

The bipedal robot planning system uses a multi-layer local map to find the optimal path and a reactive system to compensate for the robot’s deviations.

The proposed system in the research can be used to assist bipedal robots in navigating challenging and unstructured terrains.

The researchers provided the software for the planning package (coded un C++ with the Robot Operating System (ROS)) for public use at the link below:

Watch a short video of this below:

More information:

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