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GITAI’s Lunar Robotic Rover R1 in a Simulated Environment

GITAI has developed a lunar robotic rover called R1 used for moon exploration, mining, inspection, and sampling. Several testing tasks and operations have been successfully completed by the rover in a simulated environment. 

lunar robotic rover-simulated lunar environment
GITAI’s Lunar Rover. Image credit: GITAI

The robotic rover has successfully completed different tests on a mock environment, including testing its locomotion and obstacle avoidance abilities, as well as building solar panels and taking samples.

lunar robotic rover-building solar panels
The lunar rover is building a solar panel. Image credit: GITAI
lunar robotic rover-sampling test
The lunar rover is taking samples. Image credit: GITAI

Thanks to its omni-directional wheels, the robotic lunar rover could move over rocks on the mock lunar surface and clear obstacles in any direction. 

lunar robotic rover-locomotion over rocks
The robotic lunar rover locomotion test. Image credit: GITAI

Teleoperation is used to control this lunar robotic rover. 

lunar robotic rover-teleoperation
Teleoperation of the lunar robotic rover. Image credit: GITAI

Watch a short video of their work below:

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