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How to Get Jobs in Robotics Companies | Tips from a Sought-after Robotics Engineer

Dr. Madi Babaiasl welcomed Dr. Sina Pourghodrat to her robotics-centered meeting to discuss tips and pointers on how to get a job at a robotics company.

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His background, the best majors for a successful job landing in robotics, important programming languages to learn, internships, resume writing tips for a successful job landing, and more were discussed and he answered the following questions from our viewers:


“I recently got into college, and as my side hobby, I started indulging myself into this very field, and that’s when I found you guys. And since then, this channel has been so much helpful for me, and I can’t thank you enough! I have only one question in my mind, how does the future look for people like us who (if not 50, at least 40% of all the robot) does robotics as their side hobby or interest and have a non-engineering background. How can we steer our way to a job?” 


“I’ll think of some interesting questions to ask; the first one that comes to mind is, “How do you find a robotics job? Where do you look?” and the second one would be “In order to land a job or get accepted in a master’s degree, do you think online certifications can be a big help, and if so, which one would you recommend?” 


“I am from a poor country; I am struggling to find a good job/company where I can practice and develop my skills in robotics. How do I stick to my passion and become the best at it?” 

Someone who wished to remain anonymous:

“I got a Ph.D. in computer science but took four years off from advanced AI programming. How bad it is in terms of finding an industry job in robotics?”  

Also, another person who wished to remain anonymous: 

“I want to be anonymous because I feel like I am a loser. I have a Ph.D. in robotics, 12 journal articles, and two patents from my research. I really like what I am doing, but I was not successful in finding any job in academia or industry. Most top companies only need software programmers and hire people if they have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but most don’t even interview with a Ph.D. Some companies with research positions want you to know machine learning, deep learning, and AI, and anything else is considered useless. Over 100 companies have rejected me. What should I do.” 


“Do I have a chance to get a job in robotics if I have not received my degree from a top university? 


“I am a fresh graduate in robotics. Which option is better for me. Working in a top established robotics company with big name or being hired in a small startup but having my own voice?” 


“I have a great startup idea in robotics. Is it a good idea to leave my 9-5 job and focus full time on my own company? What books should I read for this?” 


“I badly want my startup in the robotics field. What are the difficulties an entrepreneur will face? How should I choose my team to get the best results?” 

Sina ended by telling the Mecharithm family about a day in his life and surprising them with an offer. His offer was to mentor two lucky Mecharithm members for one month for FREE so that they could get their dream jobs in Robotics.

Watch the discussion at the video below:

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🙏 Huge thanks to Sina Pourghodrat, Surgical Robotics Software Engineer, Stryker:

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