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Labrador Retriever Robot: an Assistive Robot for Elderly

Labrador Systems, a company that makes assistive home robots, recently made Labrador Retriever which is an autonomous service robot to make life easier for senior adults or people with disabilities to move or “retrieve” things at home.

Labrador Retriever Robot Assistive-photo-1
Image credit: Labrador Systems

Initially, the robot should be trained to build a map for the home. This training is done using a set of routes and stops (places that the robot should go, such as by the fridge) based on the customer’s needs and preferences.

Labrador Retriever Robot Assistive-photo-2
Image credit: Labrador Systems

Then the robot can navigate through the home autonomously using 3D vision and obstacle avoidance sensors (such as depth sensors).

The robot can be controlled through an app from the customer’s smartphone or through a voice-enabled device like Alexa, making it super easy to use.

Watch a short video of this below:

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