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Robotic Simulator Tutorials in Unity Engine (Every Tuesday and Friday)

Robotic Simulator Tutorials in Unity Engine (Every Tuesday and Friday)

Mecharithm has a huge surprise for you.

We developed a series of tutorials on building a robotic simulator on Unity Engine.

You can watch these tutorials every Tuesday and Friday at 12 pm CST and learn the A to Z of developing a professional simulator for a UGV robot capable of carrying objects on Unity for FREE (you heard that right)!

The topics of this course are designed on the basic requirements for building a simulator so that users can develop their desired simulator on Unity engine even without prior knowledge of the Unity programming.

Tomorrow at 12 pm CDT, you will have access to the introduction lesson! Stay Tuned and let your friends know about this excellent learning experience!

The corresponding lessons on building a robotic simulator on Unity engine can be found at the link below (note that more lessons will be added gradually):

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