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A Bi-Rotor Drone from Cleo Robotics for Challenging Environments

Dronut® X1 from the Boston-based startup Cleo Robotics is a bi-rotor drone designed especially for environments where GPS fails to work.

Image Credit: Cleo Robotics

The main application of this drone is operating in difficult environments where the existing drones have challenges to operate in.

Key features:

  • bi-rotor instead of four!
  • high maneuverability
  • can live stream high-definition video
  • can collect LiDAR data in ultra confined spaces and challenging environments
  • can fly safely near people and around sensitive equipment
  • little to no training is needed due to its autonomy suite
  • it can operate at the max speed of 4 m/s
  • 12 mins of flight time
  • 40 mins of battery time
  • Sensors used:
    • 4k camera
    • 3D LiDAR
    • Global shutter camera

Watch the robot in action in the following video:

More information:

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