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[Robotics News] Guardian® XO® from Sarcos Robotics for Power Augmentation

[Robotics News] Guardian® XO® from Sarcos Robotics for Power Augmentation

Guardian® XO® from Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation is a full-body powered exoskeleton designed to augment human strength and at the same time utilizes the intelligence, instinct, and judgment of humans, making it a perfect example for human-robot interaction.

The applications of this robot designed to enhance worker safety and efficiency can be vast; from Oil & Gas industries to Construction to Automotive to Military & Defense are just some of the potential applications.

Key features:

  • 24 Degrees of Freedom (DOFs)
  • battery-powered (enables mobile usage)
  • enables the operator to lift up to 200 lbs
  • the powered-design offloads 100% of the weight of the exoskeleton during use
  • features gravity and inertia compensation
  • the control system provides fall-prevention motions to the operator like stumble-recovery

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