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Shrimp Rover Robot

Note: Shrimp Rover Robot project was done during the years 2011 – 2013 when Madi was a master’s student.

Shrimp rover robot first introduced in 2001 for military applications:

Shrimp Rover history

We have built a similar robot but instead of military applications, it can have rescue application by embedding Vital Sign Monitoring Sensors like CO2 sensor. The robot can also pass the obstacles by lifting the front leg.

Mechanical Design

Figure below shows the mechanical design of the robot:

shrimp robot

In case you are interested in re-building the robot, you can find the mechanical design in SolidWorks below:

Mechanical Design in SolidWorks: Click HERE!

Shrimp Robot Electronics

The figure below shows the designed electrical circuit of the robot in Proteus:

shrimp robot electronics
shrimp_robot_electronics pcb

Microcontroller Programming of the Shrimp Robot:

Shrimp robot microcontroller code mahdieh babaiasl

Built Shrimp Rover Robot

shrimp rover robot
shrimp rover robot
shrimp rover robot

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