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the Sapien 6M Intelligent Robotic Arm

Sapien 6M is an intelligent robotic arm from Sarcos Robotics that can lift more than its own weight! Yes, it has a very good strength-to-weight ratio.

Sapien 6M Intelligent Robotic Arm-sarcos robotics
the Sapien 6M Intelligent Robotic Arm from Sarcos Robotics

Enhanced for autonomous mobile manipulation, the 44 kg/97 lb intelligent robotic arm is capable of lifting payloads up to 50 kg/110 lb. As you can see in the video below, it can lift an 80-lb dumbbell with ease.

autonomous mobile manipulation sapien 6m intelligent robotic arm
The Sapien 6M robotic arm can be mounted on an autonomous mobile platform for mobile manipulation.

Everything is embedded in the intelligent robotic arm, and no external control box is required to control and power the robot. Its end-effector interface allows for integrating various end-of-arm tools with no issue.

With six degrees of freedom, the end-effector has precise positioning thanks to continuous wrist and elbow roll joints. In the video below, you can see the Range of Motion (ROM) of this robotic arm.


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