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This wheel unicycle balancing robot can jump onto its wheels from any initial position

The Wheelbot is a wheel unicycle balancing robot developed by researchers at Max Planck Institute that jumps onto its wheels from any initial position.

self balancing robot-jump from initial position
The unicycle balancing robot jumps onto its wheel from its initial position

The robot can self-erect itself from any position either by rolling up with its rolling wheel, or by standing up using its reaction wheel.

This wheel unicycle uses brushless motors with high torque-to-weight ratios. As a result, the Wheelbot has a better balance and can reject disturbances to a greater extent than previous reaction wheel unicycle robots.

disturbance rejection for self balancing robot
unicycle balancing robot disturbance rejection

These robots can be quite challenging to control and require nonlinear and data-driven control approaches since they have two coupled unstable degrees of freedom, nonholonomic, and underactuated dynamics.

Wheelbot is an open-source project, and anyone can download the files and codes to build their own robot.

“The Wheelbot: A jumping reaction wheel unicycle”

Watch a short video of their work below:

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