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Thymio: an Open-source Educational Robot for Better STEAM Experience

Thymio is the name of a small open-source educational desktop robot that allows people to explore and learn the world of robotics. The user can program and conduct diverse experiments with the robot.

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Image Credit: Thymio

This robot can show six embedded behaviors that allow it to interact with its environment. These six behaviors are friendly, explorer, fearful, attentive, investigator, and obedient. See the link HERE for more information.

However, the user has the option (Thymio Suite) to program their own behavior through one of the available programming languages.

This robot is designed by researchers from the EPFL, in collaboration with ECAL, and produced by Mobsya, a nonprofit association with the mission of offering comprehensive and engaging STEAM journeys to learners of all ages.

The obvious applications for this robot are Education by inspiring and raising the learners’ curiosity, Corporate by transforming the workforce, and individual use to learn and explore the world of robotics.

Watch a short video of this below:

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