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What is a collaborative robot used for?

In this short answer, we answer the question about what a collaborative robot is asked by one of our beloved followers.

For a long time, industrial robots, which were primarily programmable robotic arms, were put in a cage separated from human workers because they were not safe to be used in proximity of humans. They were mainly used to conduct dangerous tasks unsafe for human workers.

For a long time, industrial robots were put in a cage separated from human workers.

Fast forward several decades, with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), advanced sensors, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the integration of these technologies with robotic technology, the robots became capable of operating autonomously and more safely alongside humans and a new era of human-robot collaboration began.

iot-ml-ai-advanced sensors
Integrating technologies like IoT, ML, AI, and advanced sensors into robotics technology made the advent of collaborative robots possible.

Collaborative robots or cobots for short work alongside the workers to automate for example storage and retrieval, picking, sortation, packaging, and palletizing as well as other tasks.

collaborative robot working alongside a worker
Collaborative robots or cobots for short work alongside the workers.


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