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WSU INSIDER Featured Mahdieh Babaiasl

WSU INSIDER Featured Mahdieh Babaiasl

WSU INSIDER featured Mahdieh Babaiasl’s research on Frature-directed Waterjet Steerable Needles.

The featured article is titled as “Cutting-edge needles promise more accuracy in medical procedures” and interviewed graduate students Mahdieh Babaiasl, and Fan Yang who conduct research on Steerable Needles under the supervision of Dr. John Swensen.

mahdieh babaiasl
The researchers, including John Swensen and graduate students Mahdieh Babaiasl and Fan Yang, test their waterjet-based, steerable needles that could improve accuracy and control and reduce tissue damage for many common, non-invasive medical procedures.

To read the full article please CLICK HERE!

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