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Welcome to Mecharithm – your ultimate helping hand to learn Robotics and Mechatronics!

If you’ve ever researched or had questions on any of these topics, you are in the right place: “Mechatronics,” “Robotics,” “Needles,” “Steerable Needles,” “Waterjet-assisted Surgery,” and “Rehabilitation Robotics.

Lots of people each day read Mecharithm posts and watch the videos to strengthen their foundations about Robotics and Mechatronics. That could translate into becoming a better researcher, higher scores in robotics courses, a helping hand to finish the next project they are stuck in or just a hobby they enjoy.

Our goal in Mecharithm is to make the fields of Robotics and Mechatronics relatable, understandable, and fun!

Welcome to Mecharithm

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Multiple Players/Users in Augmented Reality (AR)
October 16, 2021
In the previous lesson, we addressed an important problem among augmented reality users. How can we use the hand as an operator for augmented reality? We learned about solutions to implemen...
Hand Tracking in Augmented Reality (AR)
October 9, 2021
In the previous lesson, we learned a new way to implement location-based augmented reality without using GPS. We learned how to position objects in augmented reality accurately and offline....
Location-based Augmented Reality (AR) without GPS
October 4, 2021
In the previous lesson, we learned about location-based augmented reality with GPS and how one or more geographic coordinates can be used as operators in the content displayed by augmented ...
Training Modalities in Rehabilitation Robotics
September 29, 2021
As we saw in the previous two lessons, rehabilitation robots can generally be categorized as upper-limb rehabilitation robots and lower-limb rehabilitation robots. No matter which part of t...

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