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If you’ve ever researched or had questions on any of these topics, you are in the right place: “Mechatronics,” “Robotics,” “Augmented Reality,” and “Virtual Reality.

Lots of people each day read Mecharithm posts and watch the videos to strengthen their foundations about Robotics and Mechatronics. That could translate into becoming a better researcher, higher scores in robotics courses, a helping hand to finish the next project they are stuck in or just a hobby they enjoy.

Our goal in Mecharithm is to make the fields of Robotics and Mechatronics relatable, understandable, fun, and available to everyone!

Welcome to Mecharithm

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Neural Network Architecture in Machine Learning
April 15, 2023
In the previous lesson, we understood how logistic regression works and how we can implement it. In the previous lesson, we used logistic regression for the binary classification of dogs...
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Classification in Machine Learning Example Using Logistic Regression
March 2, 2023
In the previous lesson, we learned about the theory behind binary classification and logistic regression for machine learning. We learned how to classify an object based on some training ex...
youtube-Binary Classification and Logistic Regression in Machine Learning
Binary Classification and Logistic Regression in Machine Learning
January 12, 2023
In the previous lesson, we solved an example of linear regression for machine learning. We used linear regression to solve a stereo vision depth estimation problem for an Autonomous underwa...
youtube-Linear Regression for Machine Learning-a Case Study
Linear Regression for Machine Learning: an Example
January 6, 2023
In the previous lesson, we learned about linear regression in machine learning (ML). We understood the basic theory behind linear regression, and we got ready to implement linear regression...

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"I recently came across your content thanks to an ad on instagram and I'm glad I did ! I'm currently a third year student in robotics and from what I saw your "fundamental of robotics" tutorial looks really good, I'm gonna take a further look into it and give some more feedback on the way :D Thank you for making mechatronics more accessible to everyone"
"Amazing! This channel is a gold mine indeed! Thank you very much for your efforts! Where could I find the simulation tools you used in this video for the Euler angles?"
"Brilliant videos ! Have just started my MSc in Mechatronics and Al. I would greatly appreciate if I can access more resources."
"Thanks a lot, this chapter was driving mad today. Thanks to your video now I understand almost everything in this chapter. Also thank you for these maths tips on the formulas, i was getting hard time while reading the book as I couldn't understand the transformations since they were not explained. Nevertheless, I might need some more math tips (but not today, my brain is over)."
"I love it please keep posting. Its hard to get this type of learning in our country"
"You are doing an amazing job by creating youtube videos about robotics through Mecharithm. I was taking a course on Coursera, and some concepts were not clear then I switched to youtube and saw your videos. Those were amazing."
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"Please continue with another episode Your explanation very nice"
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"Thank you prof!!! the best explanation for introduction robotics! Um abraço do Brazil!"
"I am so appreciative, Thank you alot. I struggled to understanding this orientation. Please continue and help a soul... we will create something awesome i promise that"
"I also want to use this to thank Mahdieh ("Madi") Babaiasl, PhD for her wonderful course on YouTube from Mecharithm - Robotics and Mechatronics, she was very instrumental on the success of this course, her very well prepared explanation videos on YouTube and her company's site Mecharithm - Robotics and Mechatronics really helped me with understanding the concepts of the course and textbook."
"I am a student in robotics. This lesson provides the best explanation of screw theory that I could find online so far! It shed some light on this difficult topic."
many thanks for your course on the configuration space. I have read Ch3. of the reference, but there were so many questions unanswered in my mind. Watching your video cleared up everything for me. Thanks again and keep up the good job!

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