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Jueying X20: a Quadruped Robot from Deep Robotics

Jueying X20 is a quadruped robot from Deep Robotics that is designed and built based on real-world user feedback and the applications they require.

Image credit: Deep Robotics

In the video below, they run running tests and load tests on the quadruped robot.

Running test for the quadruped robot. Image credit: Deep Robotics
Load test for the quadruped robot. Image credit: Deep Robotics

Key points:

  • the robot is designed and built based on user feedback and real-world applications
  • has strong load capacity and scalability
  • charging is autonomous
  • maximum speed of 4.95 m/s
  • 4 hours average runtime with no load
  • can walk on a wide variety of terrain, including grass, stone, and gravel
  • can climb a 30 deg slope and step over a 20 cm high obstacle/step
  • a depth-sensing camera and a laser radar for perception
  • ROS-based intelligent perception computing module and artificial intelligence module

Watch a short video of this below:

More info:

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