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Petoi Pet Robot Dog and Pet Robot Cat Educational Robots

Petoi, a company that specializes in developing tomorrow’s pet robots, has developed two quadruped robots, a pet robot dog named Bittle and a pet robot cat named Nybble, for stem robotics and educational applications. 

Pet Robot_robodog_robot cat
Pet Robot Dog Bittle, and Pet Robot Cat Nybble. Image credit: Petoi

Bittle is an open-source bionic robot pet dog used for learning and play, able to climb up to the ceiling and walk upside down because of its light body. Adding a customized Arduino board can help the robot pet coordinate difficult movements, and adding different sensors will make it capable of perception. It is also possible to integrate AI capabilities into the robot by mounting a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips through wired/wireless connections.

pet robot_quadruped robot_bittle_hardware_1
Quadruped Pet Robot, Bittle Components and Hardware. Image credit: Petoi

Bittle is a palm-sized servo activated dog that weighs only 290 grams.

pet robot_quadruped robot_bittle
Quadruped Pet Robot, Bittle. Image credit: Petoi

Nybble is a programmable, open-source pet robot cat with cat-like features.

pet robot_quadruped robot_nybble
Quadruped Robotic Pet, Nybble. Image credit: Petoi

The user can control the pet robot’s actions through the Petoi mobile app or by programming more features and behaviors in C/C++/Python. The users even have the option of assembling their own pet robot cat. With Arduino, optional sensors, and the Raspberry Pi, the robot cat also incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI). The quadruped robot cat is built on OpenCat which is an open-source project for quadruped robots.

pet robot_quadruped robot_nybble_hardware
Quadruped Robo Pet, Nybble’s Hardware. Image credit: Petoi

There is a wide range of applications for these open source and programmable robots. They can be used for fun, as STEM Robotics, as educational robots, or for serious applications such as robotics or AI research.

robotic pet_stem robotics_educational robots
The quadruped robot dog, Bittle can be used for fun, for stem robotics, and as an educational robot. Image credit: Petoi
robotic pet_educational robots_robotics research
These quadruped robots can also be used for serious applications such as robotics research. Image credit: Petoi

Watch a short video of these pet robots below:

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