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[Robotics News] Guardian® XT™ from Sarcos Robotics for Teleoperation of Dangerous Tasks

[Robotics News] Guardian® XT™ from Sarcos Robotics for Teleoperation of Dangerous Tasks

Another robot from Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation, Guardian® XT™, is an arm-mounted dexterous mobile robot controlled remotely by a human using a head-mounted display featuring augmented reality.

The main application is for any delicate task that is difficult to reach and unsafe for human workers, such as teleoperation of tools (for example, welding) and tele-inspections.

Key features:

  • the platform can be mounted on any mobile base depending on the application
  • both arms can lift up to 200 lb
  • SenSuit™ wearable controller provides the dexterous control of the arms as well as human-robot interaction
  • Degrees of freedom: 7 DOFs for the arm/wrist and 2 DOFs for the torso
  • Head Mounted Display (HMD) for the operator featuring augmented reality and built-in head tracking

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